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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I Need license?

A: No License is required for our Rental Packages – one or more professional Range Safety Officers will accompany your party for the shoot.


Q: What is the minimum age for a shooter on the Gun-Range?

A: The minimum age to use our gun range is 10 years old, with a parent/guardian. In addition, the Range Safety Officer assigned for your group will determine whether or not any child is able to follow direction enough to participate, as well as whether they physically will be able to handle the firearm.


Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Bring a piece of Government issued photo Identification. This can be a passport, drivers license, a provincial/state ID card, etc.


Q: What do I wear?

A: We recommend avoiding sandals or open-toe shoes and shirts with a low cut. Hot shells casings have a tendency of finding their way into these spaces.


Q: Can me and a friend split a package?

A: Yes, but A $25.00 fee for insurance and incidentals is applied to most packages (some High Caliber packages include a second shooter for free). A package can only be split between two people maximum.


Q: Do I need to book an appointment, or can I walk in?

A: An appointment will solidify the time you book for, and guarantee your time with a range officer. If you plan on walking in, appointments will take priority unless extra staff are on hand to assist you.


Q: I was interested in placing a special order with your store – what’s the procedure? 

A: If you’re interested in placing a special order for a firearm, accessory, ammunition, or otherwise, we will first check availability of the item through our distributors. If the item(s) are in stock and ready to ship, we require a 75% deposit before placing the order. These orders can take between 2-3 weeks to arrive, give or take a week depending on it’s place of origin. If the item is out of stock and you wish to place a back-order, we still require the 75% deposit – these orders usually do not have a given ETA, and can take quite a while to arrive. We will contact you when the product(s) you have ordered arrive in the store.


Q: Do you have a layaway plan?

A: We do! If you would like to purchase the product(s) but cannot afford them all in one go, we offer a convenient layaway plan – 25% down, and the rest over a period of three months. If you are purchasing a firearm, and have a membership to our range, you can still use your new firearm! They will be secured in our vault until the balance is paid in full, and then released. In the case of a restricted firearm, the transfer will not be initiated until the balance of the layaway is paid in full.


Q: Do you offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course at your facilities?

A: Unfortunately, we do not. The course contract is currently being held by Safety Services Nova Scotia. It would be best to reach out to them and inquire about course availability – their phone number is: 902-454-9621, and their email address is: contact@safetyservicesns.ca


Q: Does Nova Tactical deal with other prohibited firearms/devices?

A: No, we do not deal with any type of prohibited class firearms or devices outside of 12.6 Handguns. This includes the recently prohibited firearms outlined in the May 1st, 2020 list.


Q: As a member of your range, do I need a restricted license to rent a handgun?

A: Yes – your class of firearms license determines what you are eligible to rent from our selection of non-restricted and restricted firearms. Only store-bought ammunition can be used in rentals, no hand-loads or outside purchased munitions.


Q: Are there any restrictions on calibers or types of ammunition that can be used on the range?

A: Yes, however the list is small! .50BMG and .338 Lapua Magnum rounds are prohibited from being fired, as well as any steel-cored ammunition, such as surplus 7.62×39 (SKS), 7.62x54r (Mosin Nagant), 7.62×25 (Tokarev), or XM855 (Green-tipped 5.56). Whereas these rounds contain a steel core, any impact on the concrete floor, walls, or the steel baffles and target holders can severely damage them and cause range downtime to fix. All other calibers are perfectly fine to shoot!


Q: What types of points can I use for my arrows for the archery range?

A: The only tips allowed for arrows are field tips/training tips. Broadhead or specialty tips can cause massive damage to the berm of the range, and shorten the lifespan of the filler material. To keep damage and range downtime to a minimum, we are strictly against broadhead use on the range.


Q: How long does package X/Y/Z take to complete?

A: Normally, for individual, value, and some high-caliber packages, less than an hour is taken to finish shooting. This is dependent on a couple variables – how fast the guest is shooting, if the guest is a first time shooter, etc. Again, roughly an hour is set aside to complete those packages. For the Big Bang, and Armageddon packages, you’ll need to set aside at least 1.5 to 2 hours.


Q: Has my restricted transfer been approved yet?

A: When a restricted transfer is initiated, time is dependent upon the ability of the Chief Firearms Officer for the province to approve. First time restricted purchases can take upwards of two weeks to complete, while subsequent purchases can be approved in a matter of days. With the current COVID situation, please expect a longer than normal delay in the approval process.


Q: I wish to trade in, or sell a firearm to your store – what are the proper steps to bringing it in?

A: In the case of a non-restricted firearm, a hard or soft case is all that’s required to bring it into the store. For restricted firearms, it must be trigger locked, in a locked case. We appreciate a call or email in advance of bringing a firearm in to be either appraised or sold, so we can make sure the the appropriate staff are available to better assist you. We will visually inspect the firearm for wear and tear, any extra scuffs, dings, or scratches, visually inspect the bore to gauge if the rifling is pitted, rusted, or eroding from the throat or muzzle. If the firearm comes with anything additional, such as an optic, case, or sling, this will also play a role in determining value. We will not add any value for included ammunition, as it cannot be resold to the public due to safety concerns.


Q: Can I try it before I buy it?

A: If you’re unsure of a purchase, and wish to try it on our range, we can arrange for any of our used firearms to be tested, so long as you possess the correct class of license. We cannot allow any of our new firearms to be tested, as this would detriment the value. However, used firearms and our rental firearms can be test fired prior to purchase if required. Ammunition for these firearms must be purchased in-store, as we wish to reduce the chance of any hand-loaded ammo being fired in store guns.


Q: Can I bring my own firearms to use on your range?

A: Yes! A lane rental is only $39.99, and gives you a full day of range use. You may also bring guests along with you, the only restriction being that only one lane on the range is being used, and you are in direct control of their firearms use. Unlicensed persons in their own lane with a firearm is strictly prohibited, and against federal law.


Q: I purchased a package for a family member/SO/friend, and I don’t wish to shoot myself. Can I still come in and watch, take pictures, etc?

A: Yes! If you wish to accompany the guest shooter into the range for the purpose of taking pictures or videos, there are no issues!


Q: Do you have fully automatic firearms for rent?

A: No.