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The Gun Range

Try Target Shooting!
No Licence Required! Safety Officers Included!

Our Armoury

Individual Gun rental with 30 rounds, option to add more ammo

Value Packs

Best Bang-For-Your Buck 3 gun packages! Add extra Magazines from the armoury!

High/Magnum Caliber Packages!

More guns, more ammo, more fun!

* Please note,  value packages and high caliber packages can be split between two shooters maximum, with the exception of the Armageddon package. For Value Packs, an additional $24.99 for insurance is required for the split, whereas with the High Caliber Packs, the coverage is included with the price. The two-shooter per package maximum applies to High Caliber Packs.


Single Gun Rentals are designed for single-shooter use only, and cannot be split between two people.