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Hiperfire – Competition Hipertouch AR/M4 Pattern


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Hiperfire’s most popular trigger, the HIPERTOUCH Competition model, is designed for the ultimate AR performance. The Competition offers a very crisp, clean, trigger break with very short over-travel and very positive reset you can feel and hear.  Bonus benefits include the HIPERSHOE Finger Pad Revolution which changes the trigger lever length for fine weight adjustment and to further adjust pre-travel and allows the user to place the trigger finger in the same place every time while reducing the perception of trigger weight.

  • Designed for the Ultimate In AR Performance
  • HIPERFIRE’s Most Popular Trigger
  • Virtually No Take-Up/Pre-Travel, Very Smooth
  • Cam-Over Toggle Engine
    • Very Hard Hitting Hammer
    • Soft-Start Lock-Up for Pre-Ignition Stability
    • You-Adjust Pull Weights of 2½ and 3½ lbs.
  • Radical Sear Mechanics
  • Straight Trigger Bow
  • HIPERSHOE Finger Pad Revolution
    • Changes the Trigger Lever Length for Fine Weight Adjustment
    • Changes the Trigger Lever Length to Further Adjust Pre-Travel
    • Position Your Finger in the Same Place Every Time
    • Reduces the Perception of Trigger Weight Still Further
  • Semi-Auto Single-Stage
  • Crisp, Clean, Trigger Break
  • Very Short Over-Travel
  • Very, Positive Reset You Can Feel and Hear
  • Made In The USA


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