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H&K – SL8-5 .223


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The HK SL8-5 semiautomatic rifle, in .223 Remington is the civilian target version of the G36 Assault Rifle of the Federal German Armed Forces. The SL8-5 is a semiautomatic gas-operated weapon with rotating bolt head. Its receiver, buttstock and handguard consist of fiber-reinforced plastics. The continuous sight rail carries a mechanical aperture sight. The sight rail enables any of a wide variety of sighting systems to be used. The longitudinally-adjustable buttstock fitted with exchangeable cheek rest may be individually adapted to the shooter. The heavy barrel, cold-forged together with the cartridge chamber is hard-chrome plated and screwed to the barrel extension. The cocking lever arranged on top of the bolt and capable of being swivelled to the right or left allows the rifle to be operated easily by both right and left handed shooters.
The transparent magazine has a capacity of 10 cartridges. Optionally a 2-round magazine is available. The automatic bolt catch allows the magazine to be replaced quickly after it has been emptied.

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