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Laugo Arms – Alien Exclusive 9×19


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The Alien is quickly being recognized as one of the most groundbreaking and innovative pistols of our time; combined with the impeccable standard that limits yearly production, worldwide demand is far surpassing supply with examples typically selling over retail on free market. This is the only chance to order for Canadian market this year. Exclusively from Tactical Imports.

Laugo Arms is based out of the Czech Republic having got its start as a firearms design firm, notably responsible for the design of the CZ Scorpion EVO. Tired of seeing the lack of industry innovation they started independent production with the Alien Pistol.

The Alien pistol is a revolutionary new pistol encompassing multiple design innovations, the single greatest engineering milestone in pistol design since the M1911. It all starts with the barrel –it is fixed in position providing superior accuracy without moving parts. It is located on the bottom of the frame, so low in fact that it has the single lowest bore axis of any pistol in the world. In order to achieve this record-breaking low bore axis, the pistol is gas blowback operated, with the gas piston located above rather than below the barrel. The top of the pistol has a fixed top rail. This aides in target acquisition as the sights are therefore stationary when shooting. The top rail is also modular and quickly interchangeable for other rails with different sighting systems, such as with a red dot or target iron sights. The added benefit to having a fixed top rail is that the slide is now smaller and has less recoiling mass, further reducing transferred recoil impulses. Due to the barrel being so low the breach face is also lowered, providing for a lower than normal center of gravity. The frame is steel with the entire grip housing being interchangeable. The grip housing is alloy.

Combining all of these design features results in a pistol that shoots with negligible felt recoil, little to no muzzle flip and a rapid cyclic rate. It is a true game-changer and unlike anything else on the market. The Alien has quickly caught the attention of elite military units and is already fielded by select special forces teams in Europe.

With such extensive innovations it could be easy to overlook the quality of manufacture. These are not mass-produced handguns but instead produced to the finest tolerances with highest levels of engineering and attention to detail, unmatched by most manufacturers. Each pistol is carefully assembled, inspected and tested and made from only the finest materials and best coatings available.

The Alien pistol is officially IPSC production division listed. Production optics requires the use of optionally available retrofit kit.

•Lowest bore axis in a pistol, 1.7mm below grip axis
•Fixed barrel for superior accuracy
•Superior design lowers center of gravity of major components
•Fixed top rail for superior sight acquisition, interchangeable for different sighting systems
•Low profile slide reduces recoil impulse
•Impeccable quality, built to the highest possible standard

  • The Alien comes with:
  • 3x Magazines w/ weighted base plates
  • Laser cut nanuk hard case
  • Upper rail w/ Alien C-MORE RTS2
  • Holster System
  • Cleaning supplies
  • All tools for disassembly

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in